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Schools Workshops

After the success of our CHARGE Dance workshop tour which commenced last winter, we are pleased to announce two NEW workshop programmes which aim to develop the creative voice of your young people. We are offering two different workshops that specialise in either Singing and Theatre.


The following FREE WORKSHOPS are available to your school to book individually and/or as a package which can be tailored to your curriculum needs.  Workshops are available to book for November and December 2020. As an outreach team we are more than happy to offer new approaches to existing work that students may already be doing or provide new techniques to develop your student’s toolkit of creativity.  


We recognise the difficulty of delivering practical workshops during COVID-19 and have all had experience of planning and delivering content adapted to ensure the safety of participants, whilst still providing a playful, creative and high quality arts provision. We believe that it is important to make connections where possible with young people and give them the opportunity to collaborate with each other following the period of lockdown which has affected many students.  This is one of the reasons that we have decided to offer live workshops which will be bespoke to your school/department and needs of your students.

CHARGE Theatre

Students will have the opportunity to develop skills in improvisation and performance as well as developing new devised material. They will learn different approaches to actor training including physical and vocal expression, movement and spontaneity. 


Workshops could focus on the understanding of the principles of being part of an ensemble and/or text focused theatre where students would learn how to quickly develop their own scripted monologues and scenes.


Everyone has a voice, all we need to do is find it and refine it! Through confidence building exercises and vocal exploration we can help students access the tools that they already have and allow them to reach their full potential. The aim is always to encourage students to feel confident with their new found voice – once that has happened, our work is done.  


Singing workshops cover the key skills of breathing, posture and head positioning, accessing the full voice, manipulating tone and acting through song. We also cover a more creative approach with the voice, where we compose adapt and develop pieces to be used for future platforms and performances.  

Looking out for talent in your classes:

We are also currently looking for local talent to be part of two new young people’s companies for CHARGE Voice and CHARGE Theatre. Any student who doesn’t have access to Arts provisions outside of school will be able to attend a taster workshop in January 2020 in our specialist studios at Unity House, Wakefield. From the taster day, young people aged 12-16 will be offered free weekly training in their chosen discipline. Weekly training will be contextualised by providing opportunities to showcase their work at youth platforms for dance, theatre and music across the region. As well as the outreach team that students will meet at the taster days, there will be opportunities to work with additional industry professionals who have established careers in the North.  In Summer 2021 there are plans for all three companies to collaborate on one project that will culminate in a mixed-discipline performance.  



Our CHARGE objectives are:

  • To raise aspirations and encourage participants to consider a career in Performing Arts. 
  • To address a wider issue of supporting those from working-class backgrounds to pursue a career in the Arts. 
  • To improve social mobility by developing cultural capital in participants. 
  • To improve physical and mental health in participants. 


We hope that we can be part of developing the artistic potential of children and young people in Yorkshire whilst strengthening our relationships with schools like yours.


For more more information or to discuss any aspect of our work please contact Stacey Johnstone, Outreach and Fundraising Officer, at


Please complete the following form to express an interest in our Schools Workshops:

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