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Remote Learning

As the UK embraced lockdown to help control the spread of COVID-19, face-to-face, physical workshops were temporarily suspended and the CHARGE Boys programme moved online.


Participants in the CHARGE Boys programme now benefit from a full, timetabled, online dance programme. Their weekly workshops are now delivered remotely by CHARGE’s incredible, all-male, professional dance teaching team.


“This has been the best experience. I wish it could go on forever. Coming from a non-technical¬†dance background I was a bit worried about whether I would be good enough, but the support from the teaching staff has been amazing.”


“CHARGE Boys has been a fabulous experience. The all-boy set up makes this a great place for my son to feel comfortable and confident to do what he loves with a group of like-minded people who sometimes experience barriers when it comes to boys’ dancing. Thank you for this experience. I look forward to the future opportunities this will open up for my son.”